Corporal Weightlifting

Weightlifting is the ultimate sport; it requires explosive power, technique, coordination, balance, flexibility and mental focus. The mission of CCF Weightlifting is 2 parts: First, an ever present determination to improve the skills and strength of its members in the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. We are dedicated to preparing our athletes for all levels of competition – national, amateur, or simply against oneself; Second, to introduce the finer points and techniques of the Olympic lifts to Crossfit athletes new to the sport or looking to enhance their performance in Crossfit WODs.

Corporal Endurance

For any athlete looking to improve overall endurance, whether that be in a specific sport, across many, or for a special event. Our program is designed to improve your technique and help you become a more bio-mechanically efficient athlete. The CCF Endurance program will help get you ready for your race; and our methods – utilizing the anaerobic pathway – will help minimize the impact conventional distance training can have on the human body. We’ll take out the LSD (Long, Slow, Distance) training and replace with intervals and tempo work. With CCF Endurance, your training time will decrease; your performance will improve.

Corporal Pose Running

It’s time to rethink the misconception that running is a simple movement inherent from birth. Join us and you’ll learn to speed up, reduce the chances of injury and, more importantly, enjoy your running more than ever before with this comprehensive 1-day course, instructed by a Pose Method® Certified Coach. It will include skills, drills, lectures, and video analysis. Class is limited to 6 trainees, so reserve your spot now. The training evolution will be held at HQ Saturday at 11am. This curriculum is not only designed for you to complete an endurance event, but also to give you tools to evolve as an endurance athlete.

Corporal Individualization

At CCF we realize that each person is unique, and may demand a customized training prescription in order to achieve their goals. The CCF individualized program design option includes an initial one hour consultation to review goals, layout a nutritional prescription, identify strengths and weaknesses, and develop a training schedule. Every 4 weeks your progress will be reviewed and the next phase of your exercise and nutrition will be discussed. A new individualized program design will be provided at this time.

Corporal Nutrition

Our Nutrition Coaching Program gives you access to Coach Carlos Arias, who has completed a variety of nutritional seminars and workshops across the country. First, Carlos will provide a personal consultation to discuss your goals and the role nutrition will play in achieving your goals. He will take your SSS measurements on a regular basis so you can track your progress and ensure that you are moving in the right direction. The program also gives you access to Carlos’ guidance and knowledge through email, in-person or by phone. If you have any questions about general health and longevity, weight loss, muscle gain, leaning out, family nutrition, supplements or preparing for a marathon, please email Carlos to get started.